What I learned from building a React Native iOS app - Part 4

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I received an email from a user (yay!) but he said that basic search doesn’t work (oh no!), so I started to debug, it turns out it was caused by data source change, the url and response shape is different, I expected it should take less than an hour to release a new version.

I was wrong.

The logic change only took a few min, but I was stuck for hours just because of a build issue. I couldn’t figure out why, I posted a question on StackOverflow but I wanted to release the fix version as soon as I can, so I used the approach listed in the answer I posted…It worked, but I did spend some time to configure what I’ve already configured before, such as react native link for all the plugins that are using native component. Hopefully I won’t need to do all these steps again in the future, but I’ll write it down just in case:

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘regeneratorRuntime.mark’)

How to solve it? I actually posted the solution before 😅


Before using it on connected device, you need to add camera permission in info.plist: Privacy - Camera Usage Description and Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description


Add all the App Store submission disclaimer if you want to submit it app store.

app icons and launch images

Luckily all the app icons and launch image source are still in the xcode, but make sure the launch screen file field is empty:

app icons